Grimur Fjeldsted

International Marketing Executive | Digital Transformation, Innovation & Change Management | Marketing, Communication & Human Resources | Award-Winning Keynote Speaker | Storyteller | Cartographer

About me

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My Skills

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Best Speaker

Awarded BEST SPEAKER out of 113 speakers at Social Media Week Copenhagen in 2015, with a keynote on "IoT - the Social Network of Things" held at Maersk HQ, Copenhagen.


Drawing imaginary maps for fantasy worlds and book authors is a hobby of mine. Visit my portfolio for examples.

About Me

I'm Grimur, a global marketer with experience with some of the world's leading brands. I'm driven by digital strategy, marketing and innovation - and I firmly believe in using new ways of working to create an advantage.I have a proven track record of successfully developing and implementing digital products, services, campaigns and platforms in highly competitive B2C and B2B markets. I always focus on people and culture - the key to unlocking potential and driving success.I am also an award-winning keynote speaker on digital transformation, strategy and innovation - speaking at major events worldwide.

My Skills

  • DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION including strategy, marketing, communication, human resources & innovation are my core competencies.

  • MARKETING & COMMUNICATION, where I manage all aspects of brand communication & marketing with a focus on the return of experience. I counsel & represent leadership teams & brands in external & internal communications.

  • STORYTELLING & DESIGN are passions that unfold my creativity & curiosity for interactions, user- journeys & experiences.

  • INNOVATION & CREATIVE PROBLEM SOLVING are vital components. I have managed innovation processes & portfolios, researched, developed & brought wearables, platforms, apps & digital retail technologies to markets.

  • THOUGHT LEADERSHIP with a strong network & exceptional presentation skills.

  • TEAM LEADERSHIP & development of talented colleagues motivates me & I am experienced in guiding change. My responsibilities include managing global, cross-functional teams, KPI's & budgets across geographies.

  • WORDLBUILDING & CARTOGRAPHY of fictional worlds that sparks imagination. Game design, graphic design & narratives.

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